Welcome to the church leaders page. Below you will find links to other helpful pages and websites as well as a collection of resources on various topics. If there is anything else you’re looking for or would like more information about, please contact us as we would love to help.

North New Zealand Conference

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South New Zealand Conference

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Unbreakable Hope New Zealand

25 September – 18 November 2023

Discover amazing stories of encouragement and hope. With the support of It Is Written and Hope Channel, this series is broadcasted to inspire you to write your own story of unbreakable hope.

John Bradshaw: An author, pastor and speaker.  John Bradshaw will introduce and share with you how you can have Unbreakable Hope – even in difficult times.

Websites & Links

Ministry Development Portal

MD portal login for pastors

My Adventist

MyAdventist login for pastors

Discipleship in Ministry

Resources from the South Pacific Division to help in discipleship.

Ministerial Association

Resources for Elders from the Ministerial Association of the General Conference.

GC Personal Ministries

Education and resources to help local churches in the great mission of making disciples.

Adventist Communication Hub

For all our notices for New Zealand check out our Adventist Communication Hub on Trello.

Downloadable Files


Spirit Gifting guide

A Bible study guide on how God empowers people for Christian service. Designed for group or individual study. Written by Ed Gallagher.
Size: 2.23 MB

SDA Church Manual With SPD Supplements

The Church Manual is a book of policies, processes and governance procedures based on Scripture and the writings of Ellen White.
Version: 19th Edition Revised 2016
Size: 4.88 MB

Other Websites & Links

House to House

House to House has been developed to resource and support those in our church family who meet together in their homes.

Following Jesus

Disciple-Making and Movement-Building Resources

Disciple NZPUC

Resources from the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference.


Australian Union Conference Disciple wesbite has some great resources.

Sabbath School

Download slides, videos and resouces for the Sabbath School lessons.

The Road

The Road is a modern Adventist study set that exploes our 28 fundamental beliefes in a fun, edgy & relevant way.

How to Study the Bible with Post Moderns

Free eBook – How to Study the Bible with Post Moderns.

Advent Source

This page has lots of great resources to help your church members in their roles. 

North Island Newsletter

Essential email newsletter for Adventists in the north island of New Zealand.

South Island Newsletter

Essential email newsletter for Adventists in the south island of New Zealand.