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What is Session?

Pr Ben Martin explains a bit about what session is, as we start to prepare for our 68th Constituency Meeting in October.

Download Reports

Every year we publish the Departmental reports that get presented to the SNZC Executive so that our wider church family can hear about what’s been going on in these areas and keep the various ministries in prayer. You can download the reports by clicking on each of them below.


2022 Youth Report

South New Zealand Conference Youth departmental report 2022.
Size: 83.89 KB

2022 Pathfinder & Adventurer Report

South New Zealand Conference Pathfinder & Adventurer Departmental Report 2022.
Size: 891.12 KB

2022 Health Ministries Report

South New Zealand Conference Health Ministries Departmental Report 2022.
Size: 50.04 KB

2022 Education Report

South New Zealand Conference Education departmental report 2022.
Size: 3.15 MB

2022 ADRA Report

South New Zealand Conference ADRA report 2022.
Size: 3.43 MB

South Conference Staff

Meet the South New Zealand Conference team.

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