Big Camp – North New Zealand

3-11 Janaury 2025 | Tui Ridge Park

Guest Speakers

Adults - Main

Pr Adrian Webster

Ministerial Secretary / Regional Pastor. Pastor at North Harbour Church & Snells Beach Church.


Pr Mike Sikuri

Secretary, South Pacific Division


Pr Sven Östring

Discipleship Ministries, South Pacific Division


Pr Mark Pearce

White Estate Directory, South Pacific Division

Youth (18+ yrs)

Pr Nimrod Maua

Lead Pastor of Church in the Valley, Langley , BC, Canada

High School (13-17 yrs)

Pr Lyle Milton Notice

Lyle Notice grew up in the city of Toronto. From a young age he had a passion for the stage and set his sights on becoming a Hollywood actor. He met a local actor by the name of Charles Officer from Toronto East who recommended him to an agent Lisa Burke. Lyle began acting and was destined to be a star in Hollywood. One day as he was practicing method acting auditioning for a movie role, he was caught in a battle of spiritual warfare. After that experience he felt God calling him to ministry.

In 2001 he enrolled at Canadian University College and prepared for pastoral ministry. Upon graduating in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies/Minors in Biblical Languages and Philosophy. He then went on to Andrews University where he completed his Master of Divinity (MDiv).

In 2008 he accepted a call to become the youth pastor at the Ottawa, and lead pastor at the Orleans and Kanata Seventh-day Adventist Churches. In 2012 he received a call to become the Associate Youth director of the Alberta Conference. From 2015 to 2023 he served as the Youth Director of the Alberta Conference where he worked with adventures, pathfinders, urban ministry, community outreach, mission trips, disaster response and media ministry.

He loves youth culture, skateboarding, fashion, social media, entrepreneurship, Venture Capital investing and Cryptocurrency. He is loved and supported by his family, his wife Cheri and two children Marlowe-Rae and Cairo.

Lyle has a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree in Urban Ministry from Andrews University. His DMin dissertation is entitled, “A Cosmopolitan Theology For Creating an Urban Missional Small Group to Reach Postmodern Generations in The City of Lacombe, Alberta.”

In In 2019, Lyle started a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in the area of Sociology of Religion, focusing on Church and Society and Practical Theology. It focuses on how Intercultural Small Groups can have a positive impact on the race relations within the church. He is set to complete his studies this coming April 2024.

His PhD dissertation is entitled, “A Sociological Investigation of Mono-ethnic Faith Groups: Intercultural Small Groups and Its Impact on Race Relations Within The Seventh-day Adventist Conference in Alberta, Canada.” Lyle also loves writing and research, and has recently written a paper that was published entitled, “Hanging Out on The Block(chain): Decentralized Autonomous Organizations for Small Groups and Faith Communities.”

His most recent paper that will be published shortly is entitled, “Neither Jew nor Greek: Ethnocentrism vs Interculturalism and the Future of The Adventist Church.” He is currently working on a paper entitled, “Losing My Religion: The Rise of Secularism Amongst Millennials.”

Juniors (10-12 yrs)

Pr Katie Askin

Associate Pastor at Tauranga Church & School Chaplain at Tauranga Adventist School.

Primary (7-9 yrs)

Pr Maika Peehikuru

Pastor at Auckland Indian Church, Auckland Maori Church & Otahuhu Church.

What is Big Camp?

Every second year, in January, the North New Zealand Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church holds Big Camp at Tui Ridge Park.​ This is where church members come together for nine days to worship, fellowship, and grow spiritually. It is a family camp and caters for all age groups.

Over the period of the Camp, we have over 1,000 people staying onsite with many more on the weekends, including day visitors. Everyone can participate in activities, programs and workshops according to their division or age group ranging across the following: Beginners (0-2 years old), Kindergarten (3-6 years old), Primary (7-9 years old), Junior (10-12 years old), High School (13-17 years old), Youth (18+ years old) and Adults.

Registrations to attend Big Camp open in June/July and fill up very quickly. Please subscribe to the email Plugin to keep up to date on Big Camp information and the opening of registrations.

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