Church Board

The Role of the Church Board

The church board is responsible for:

  • setting the spiritual tone of the church 
  • an evangelism focus
  • encouraging and nurturing department leaders through prayer, sharing and relationships
  • identifying priorities by consulting with church membership
  • planning and assigning tasks for events or services
  • evaluating the needs of the local community
  • overseeing finances
  • caring for church property
  • reporting with a focus on fulfilling the Gospel Commission

The role of the Church Board is primarily spiritual.  The work of the board is best done in a relational, prayerful and sharing atmosphere.  The task of the Church Board is to foster the spiritual life of the church through the gifts exercised by the local leadership. The agenda should reflect a visionary approach with maintenance or house keeping issues kept to a minimum at the end of the agenda.

Board Members

Board members are usually made up of leaders holding key positions in the church. This may include elders, deacons and deaconesses, the treasurer, clerk, departmental leaders, Pathfinder Club director and communication secretary. Additional members may be elected from the church membership if desired.

Responsible to

Cooperate with the pastor and other church department leaders.

Time Commitment

  • A meeting once per month
  • 3-4 hours gathering information, praying and reflecting on the future of the church.

Term of Office

One year­­ and depending upon the church’s structure, possibly longer. It is helpful if some members of the board are reappointed to ensure that long term goals are reached.

Skills and Spiritual Gifts

God has gifted each of us in unique ways.  The following gifts are valuable when considering the choice of members for the church board.

  • Leadership: To set goals that support the mission of the church, and to communicate them in a way that empowers church membership to work together to accomplish them.
  • Knowledge: For researching, gathering and analysing information when planning.
  • Wisdom: To reflect on and assess ideas that are considered with prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • Faith: That can uplift members, withstand challenges and show confidence in God’s leading.

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Church Board

SDA Church Manual With SPD Supplements

The Church Manual is a book of policies, processes and governance procedures based on Scripture and the writings of Ellen White.
Version: 19th Edition Revised 2016
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Church Board

Have you been asked to serve your local church as a member of the church board? Or perhaps you serve on a church nominating committee and are wondering what a church board is expected to do. This guide has been designed to help you understand the role of the church board within your local church.
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