Bible Studies

Looking for a bible study to help you or a small group grow spiritually? Below you will find links to individual and group studies.

Discovery Bible Reading

A simple, effective reading plan—whatever your knowledge or experience of Jesus. 

Fundamental Beliefs

Explore the Fundamental Beliefs Using Discovery Bible Reading.

The Sabbath Secret

Discover a secret gift, known by few for a millennia, that brings ongoing rest and rejuvenation.

World Changers Bible Reading Guides

A unique set of reading guides combining some of the core truths of the Bible, as well as some practical discipleship topics. The reading guides will help YOU become a world- changing disciple for Jesus.

[truth] LINK

One of the most self-evident realities about love is that it requires communication in order to exist and flourish. The Bible is God’s communication device.

A Picture of God

How do I choose a religion? Is there a God? How did evil begin? How will everything end? These are big questions that need big answers. A picture of God is a narrative series of studies that answer these questions while journeying through the great controversy metanarrative.

Teach Me To Pray

So you don’t know much about God, but you’re open to finding out. This course helps you understand how to talk to Him, and also how He talks to you.

It Is Written

Free It Is Written Study Guides are here to help you have a deeper understanding of the Bible. Each lesson covers a specific topic that gets right to the point in a question and answer format.

Free Discover Bible Guides

Clear studies that will increase your understanding of Jesus and the Bible

Good Eating

Diet trends and food advertising make it harder to tell what are good foods and what aren’t. Discover how to make good food and nutrition choices that are just right for you.

The Road

“The Road” is a one-of-a-kind study guide created especially for new and unchurched generations.

How To Study Your Bible: 7 Effective Ways

It’s one thing to read the Bible, it’s another to study it. Here’s how to get the most out of your Bible study so you can find freedom, healing and hope in Jesus.

Forgive to Live

Every one of us has a story – a hurtful event perpetrated by someone who mattered in our lives. Dr Tibbits’ groundbreaking research revealed that a failure to forgive creates an inner anger disturbing our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. This online course will show you how to forgive – insight by insight, step by step, as Dr Dick Tibbits demonstrates how forgiveness can literally save your life.

An Intimate God

Uncover the secret to growing a relationship with God and to finding joy through our daily interaction with Him

Bible Study

Online Bible Study Centre

Discover God’s plan for your life as you study His word with the FREE pdf Bible Study Guides available at the Online Bible Study Centre.

Download Bible Studies


Bible Studies

You may be reading this because you have been asked to serve your local church by teaching the Bible. Or perhaps you serve on the Church Board and are wondering what the ministry of Bible studies involves. This guide will help you understand the role that the ministry of Bible studies fills within the local church.
Size: 415.63 KB

Bible Marking Studies

Read. Mark. Learn. Share. 32 Topics.
Size: 1.44 MB

Powerful texts of the Bible

This treasure is like nothing you've seen before. Especially helpful for people who are new to the Bible or off-track with their study experience. This compilation of Scriptures provides a superb way to discover the joy of the Word. Written by Ed Gallagher.
Size: 9.34 MB

Hell: A Different View of the Bible’s Teaching

An 11-page study document ideal for Bible students who are troubled or confused on the subject of death, resurrection and hell. Written by Ed Gallagher.
Size: 149.09 KB

Spirit Gifting guide

A Bible study guide on how God empowers people for Christian service. Designed for group or individual study. Written by Ed Gallagher.
Size: 2.23 MB