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“Bring Your Sabbath School to Life!”

Completely revised 2013

What this is

  • A 2 or 3 hour seminar designed for adult Sabbath School leaders and teachers … and for leaders of small groups in any setting … wide-screen format with many illustrations
  • A PDF file for download … great for personal study on computer … also suitable for projecting to a group
  • Crisis in Sabbath School … Let’s begin again … How to use the time? … The most important job … Understand your group … Bring the Bible to life … How to create dialogue … Mission & outreach … The challenge of change
  • An on-screen presentation (using Keynote-Mac) is available by inquiry
  • Designed by Ed Gallagher
  • Keywords: Sabbath School, leadership, spiritual gifts, small group ministry

Why you will want it

  • It’s no secret—adult Sabbath Schools are in trouble … attendance is often poor … the programme is often antiquated and ineffective … younger adults in most places show little interest … it’s time to acknowledge this and get on with something better!
  • This provides a practical, biblical, genuine Adventist approach to a new future for adult Sabbath School … easy to implement … less work than the old way … more likely to attract and hold adults of all ages … not prescriptive—a framework easily adapted to the local situation

How to get it

Adventist Mission DVD

Sign up for a free quarterly mission report from Adventist Mission DVD
– Each video report is professionally produced, and lasts from 2 to 10 minutes
– An excellent way to communicate the world mission of Seventh-day Adventists

Purchasing Resources

When looking for resources, don’t forget your local ABC! Books, bibles, kids/teens, magazines, media, Sabbath School, other resources.

Adventist Book Centre (ABC) – Auckland

New Millennium Books Ltd – Christchurch