“When can we go to Westport Pr SJ? We want to go over and encourage the people there.”

Often it is assumed that we as adults need to be the motivating force behind our young people however my experience is teaching me something very different. On the last Sabbath in July I was joined by 21 young people who had decided they wanted to share what they have with others who do not always have the same worship experience as them. While it started off as a small request it soon became a significant ministry opportunity. As is so often the case we went with the intention to bless yet came away being mightily blessed ourselves.

From the welcome we received as soon as we opened our car doors, to the rich worship in song and Word, our hearts were filled with joy and praise as we fellowshipped with the beautiful people of Westport.  This was magnified even more as two of their young people took time out in the afternoon to show us around and made sure we were looked after. I was blown away as I heard testimony after testimony of how good God is. Even if we come with nothing more to share than our love for Jesus we will always find that is more than enough! We left overflowing with joy having gained a deeper connection with part of our SNZ family.

– Pr Sarah-Jane Riley, Youth Discipleship, South New Zealand Conference