At Avondale, we aim to provide students with not only a credible and professional study opportunity, but an experience that will positively shape the way they choose to view themselves and the way they fit in the world.

A holistic, personal approach in the education experience might just be the best answer for individuals seeking to thrive in a spiritual environment that nurtures their potential as well as being able to “experience life”.

When students are able to parallel their professional study efforts with the fun, as well as the spiritual opportunities on offer; they can graduate with a great sense of achievement that they were able to shape and grow themselves into both the career-minded individuals they set out for, as well as confident, spiritual leaders. Experiences like meeting and being in conversation with people from different walks of life, living in dorms, being involved in leadership opportunities and going on mission trips to Vanuatu and East Timor build our students up for success. And, of course it allows them to tally a wad of laughs and memories with real friends along the way that become part of dinner-table conversation for the next twenty years.

But what does the holistic approach really mean for graduates? And if the end goal is a piece of paper, why travel across the seas to get an education at Avondale? (I need more than this page to completely answer this, but let me touch the surface. Continue reading, then go ahead and apply to see for yourself.)

There are more than enough institutions across New Zealand and Australia that will provide you classes day in and day out, as well as a piece of paper at the end of the journey to say you’ve ticked the right boxes.

But then there are the lecturers and peers (like those you’ll come into contact with at Avondale), who inspire and encourage individuals to strive for and excel in what they set their minds to after study. As a Seventh-day Adventist Institution we have been proudly educating students from all around Australia since 1897, to go on and become some of our future world leaders. I think of Dr Lachlan Rogers who started his journey at Avondale, and is now recognised for completing world-first research on diamond colour centres, and who also completed postdoctoral studies in Germany on quantum optics. Or Jacob Windle who won 2016 Teacher of the Year and was invited to attend the NASA Space Camp in Alabama, USA and become one of their Australian representatives. Jacob started out on Avondale’s pathway diploma of General Studies and ended up graduating from a Bachelor of Education (Primary).

These defining moments of inspiration, spiritual development and friendship along the journey of education are what propel our graduates into some amazing successes. The personal and catered experiences are what set us apart from the rest, and are what might just be the encouragement needed to fly the coop. If you’re considering study, don’t be afraid to step out from far and wide to reach your potential. Join the #avondalexp.

– Paris Lawrence – Marketing Officer/Advertising Coordinator. Avondale College of Higher Education