Kia ora! from the lonely Port of Oamaru.

When I was called by the South New Zealand Conference at the end 2016 to work as a Bible Worker for Oamaru, I asked: – Why me Lord? I have no training and no experience at all. With lots of prayers, the Holy Spirit convicted me that it’s God’s call. Reading a quote: ‘Where God guides, God provides.’ encouraged me to respond to that call as well as reminding me of the disciples and how they performed miracles because they humbled themselves and allowed the Holy Spirit to use them.

I always pray this prayer when driving around Oamaru, “Lead me Lord today, I will follow your will. Please go before me, lead me to where I’m needed, Amen.”
I picked up a church member to pray with at the lookout point one day. On our way back he showed me to an address and asked me to visit the couple living there.
They kindly received me. The wife expressed her frustration explaining how busy they were as they were both working full time as well as studying.

While she was talking I prayed earnestly inside me asking the Lord that His Holy Spirit may use me to help this couple. A story a Pastor had shared with me came to mind. So when they expect me to say something, I shared the story, of how this young new intern pastor who just finished from college, worked so hard and working long hours to prove himself. One day his Senior Pastor called him and he said: – Son, when we work, we work alone, but when we pray, God works. I prayed with the couple before we parted.

After a few days the husband called me, asking if we could have Bible studies. When we visited, the wife shared about how they had reached a stage in their marriage that they were about to split. Their hope for the future for them had evaporated, but she thanks the Lord for sending me at the right time. She is now preparing for baptism.

God proves to me that when He leads, He will take us to where we are needed the most and He will provide for what we would need, to save people into His kingdom.

-Tufunga Folaumoeloa Lolo, Bible Worker, Oamaru