After coming back from running the Ancient Mysteries Reveal the Future (AM2017) program in Auckland I had the privilege of being involved with launching the same program for the city of Christchurch on August 4.

Having received great support from both Hope TV and Firstlight TV, who aired the advertising for the program for free, as well as from the Auckland AM2017 Team, who fielded and recorded the registration requests, we started with over 90 attendees on the first night.

The Ilam Outreach Committee was honoured to facilitate this major Evangelistic endeavour for our city and they, with a great team of volunteers ensured that the program proceeded magnificently. Over a 5 week period we presented 25 topics covering the important Biblical truths for all Christians and especially the ‘Present Truths’ particularly pertinent for this tumultuous time in which we live. From the amazing work done by Craig Savage and his team in setting up and running the AV equipment to those handling refreshments, manning registration tables, ushering the attendees and most importantly engaging with the visitors, everyone showed what a disciple-making church really looks like.

There was a lot of preparation for the series and an intense outpouring of energy during the course of the series which finished on September 5, however the most important work in many ways is the follow-up nurturing of our contacts. This is being facilitated by the running of a Prophecy Seminar and another Semester of the Baptism Classes we run at Ilam.

One of the most exciting things for myself is that 3 young men are being mentored into public evangelism through the follow up program which started on the first Sabbath after the program finished. As these young men are all relatively new to the 3 Angels Messages this makes the process much more fulfilling of the Disciple-making commission the LORD gave us almost 2000 years ago. Taka Denny, Ryan Moreau and Zachary Taylor are great Bible Scholars and have stepped up to the mark and are placing their trust on the Holy Spirit to empower them as teachers of the Word. We have almost 20 people now studying for baptism.

God is good at all times and has given us all a great blessing in being able to share this awesome message with others who know it not.

– Pr Gordon Gosset, Ilam Seventh-day Adventist Church, Christchurch

Antient Mysteries reveal the Future, Ilam Seventh-day Adventist Church, Christchurch


Antient Mysteries reveal the Future, Ilam Seventh-day Adventist Church, Christchurch