After years of EQC compliance repairs and strengthening works, the St Martins SDA Church in Christchurch is now open to the public again. On Sunday 16 February 2020, an Open Day was organized, which was designed to allow people from the community to have a look at the inside of the property, establish connections, and promote some programs it plans to run this year with the overall theme: “Healthy Community Living”. There was positive feedback and interest towards some of the programs such as Healthy Cooking, Food Safety, Living with Heart Disease, Diabetes Prevention and Control, Etc. It was a low-key event with only a word of mouth invitation and some simple flyers letter-boxed in the area, resulting to a turn-out of seven people from the community and some church members who have not visited the church for quite some time. It was a blessed opportunity for regular members to be involved in pulling together for the Lord.  God be praised for His continuous leadings and blessing of the St Martins SDA Church.

– Pr Mebzar Quinto