Nine precious souls publicly committed their lives to Christ through baptism at The Haven church on the 23rd of November and 7th of December. That included the baptism of the daughter of the Salvation Army Officer for the Nelson Region. Her whole family attended the service to show her support.

Two other young adults, who requested Bible studies from Adventists after watching sermons on Youtube, made the decision to get married after living together for seven years so that they could show to the Lord their love for Him and their commitment to be His disciples. They were baptised the day after their wedding.

Another amazing baptism story was that of a gentleman who lives in an isolated area in the Marlborough Sounds. After watching the Adventist message on television for over a year, he became convinced that the Adventist Church presents the truth as found in the Scriptures. He decided to put into practice all principles of his new found faith and was overwhelmed with joy when he was baptised and welcomed as a member by The Haven church.

All these beautiful testimonies are available in videos which can be found in the video section of The Haven Adventist Church Facebook page –

– Pr Jonathas Custodio