On January 5, 2009, by divine provision I stepped into the offices of the North New Zealand Conference at 743 Great South Road, Manukau to serve the leadership team.  And since then, I have grown to love and appreciate every facet of ministry I have been involved in – from events, to communications, to parts of human resources and lots of administration.  I have had the honour of serving two servant leaders, Pr Eddie Tupa’i and Pr Ben Timothy in their roles as Lead Pastors of this Conference.  I have had the pleasure of serving every one of our pastors and their families as they have served the wider conference.  Through this time I have witnessed our mission of Making Disciples, Multiplying Ministries and Transforming Communities become real in meaningful ways in our church and personal lives.  I have been blessed by the stories I hear every day of the amazing things God does in our communities through our members and churches.

Friday, August 2 will be my last day in this role.  As I reflect on the almost 11 years here, I will take two things with me.  I will take the relationships I have forged with my colleagues who have become like family, in my heart, always.  I will also take the example of leadership that I have been infinitely blessed to witness, that serves by holding others up, that leads sacrificially from within and behind, and transforms by inspiring – like Jesus.

As I leave, I remember the encouragement of Pr Paul Siope for each of us to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and to be light in the dark places, seeking out the lost and the least. I leave to pursue my final semester of full time study, that I have slowly been chipping away at over the past 6 years.  The dream and the calling for my next season is to be a counsellor – walking beside people in ways that bring healing and growth.

Stepping into the role of Executive Assistant is Lesley Damon. She is gifted and intuitive and has a deep passion for serving God.  God will do wonderful things through her. Please make her feel welcome. Lesley is available by email on[email protected].

Pr Ed Gallagher, past HAC Senior Pastor for NNZC, mentor and dear friend said these words in his memoir –  “With all my heart I want this to be overwhelmingly God’s story rather than mine. God does amazing things in small lives. He alone is great”. I wish each of you God’s best for the next season. May you walk with courage, stand up for justice and against oppression, love boldly and unconditionally and be messengers of peace wherever you go.  God be with you always.

Signing out one last time…

Hana Greenfield, Executive Assistant/Communications, North New Zealand Conference.