Southland Adventist Christian School Reaching out to Syrian peers!

This term the Senior Room at Southland Adventist Christian School have been working on a Social Studies unit about refugees. They have written letters and created a video to send to the children of Syria, some of whom are living in a refugee camp east of Mosul, Iraq. Dr Michael-John (a friend of teacher Mrs Shirley Ah-Wan) who works as a volunteer doctor for ADRA International is going to pin the letters up in the children’s ward in the refugee camp’s hospital and show the video to the children. The students at Southland Adventist Christian School hope to bring joy to these children who have been through so much!

Other ways the students have got involved include raising money by completing the 40 Hour Famine. They also organised a school wide pyjama day with all the proceeds going to help the Syrian Refugees.

During this unit they have gained an awareness of the world around them and compassion for those in need has been developed.

-Josh Taylor, Principal, Southland Adventist Christian School

Christchurch Adventist School called to serve!

“On Saturday 24th June Christchurch Adventist School took the Divine Service at Papanui SDA Church.  The theme for the service was “Called to Serve” and those present were able to experience Praise and Worship, Special Items, Prayer, Testimonies, Service clips and Sermonettes all delivered by students in Year 1 to 13.  We praise God for what he is doing in our school and for the Ministry of our young people.  A very special thanks to Dr Nicolette Paul for co-ordinating and bringing this service together – we were blessed to be present.”

-Nichola Mc Donald, Christchurch Adventist School