We are starting to make some real headway with the evangelistic outreach program that is Road to Bethlehem. At the end of last year God blessed us with a 1/3rd increase in numbers, with total attendance just short of 1000 people. However the most encouraging thing this year was the low numbers of attendees being drawn from the Adventist community. This is positive on two fronts. Firstly this means that we are getting a chance to witness to those in the community that we do not regularly have contact with, which is the reason why Road to Bethlehem exists.

Secondly, this means that there are more Adventists available to help with all of the work that goes into making this presentation happen. Whilst the actors are the face of the presentation there are many more people who work away behind the scenes doing all those necessary support activities that keep the show going. We appreciate everyone who gave of their time and talents to make it such a wonderful event.

The dates for Road to Bethlehem 2020 are set. We ask for your support in praying for the program and also for you to carefully consider getting involved and helping us to all have fun delivering the message that Emanuel is the true meaning of Christmas.

– Nick Wormald