Fondly dubbed ‘Church in the Fields” the annual Touch Tournament has come to mean so much more than just a sporting event to our young people. It’s a time when worshipers gather to worship together right through the weekend. Worship spills out of the churches and overflows through the players on the field. We want to praise God and say a huge congratulations to all the participants for their participation and to the winners for their well-deserved wins. A big Thank you to all the teams, players, churches and supporters who made this year another standout sports ministry event. Special thanks to Maranatha church for providing security and to the Geysercity Touch Association.

Championship Grades:
Mens A – Philly (winner), Rhinos (runner up)
Mens B – 360 Men (winner), Ponsda Mens (runner up)
Mixed A – Toksda (winner), Mangere Hawks (runner up)
Mixed B – 360 Mixed (winner), Penrose Mixed (runner up)

Social Mixed Grade:
Best team for mingling & connecting – Kura Youth (Papakura)
Best team for honouring the refs – Maranatha Natives
Team with best supporters – Payne Family (South Auckland Tongan)
Team with the best on-field attitude – Brentwood Bolt
Team who best shone 4 His Glory – Family Ties (Otara)
Best overall team for fellowship, team spirit, service and discipleship – BASIC (Manurewa Samoan)

Social Grade Exhibition Games Results:
North VS South – North
South Auckland 1 VS West Auckland – South Auckland
Central Auckland VS South Auckland 2 – Central Auckland
The Family VS The Mix – The Family

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Lance Boulton – Child & Youth Pastor / Chaplaincy Support
North New Zealand Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church
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