(always celebrated on the last Sabbath in May)

This is a special day of prayer scheduled annually on the last Sabbath of May.

Thousands of children around the world are at risk. Many face abuse, neglect, trafficking to other countries, hurt and much more. Children at risk need to be protected and helped so that they can use their God-given talents to their fullest. They need our prayers.

Let’s empower the children, teenagers, old and young in our churches to pray for these at-risk children. Involve children in prayer as they learn to focus on ways to relieve the plight of these children at risk.

Each year a special prayer package is developed by the VIVA organization that organizes a special prayer weekend for children at risk. This resource includes activity ideas, worship and prayer events for children, teenagers, and adults. It is also translated into many languages and can be downloaded from their website at www.worldweekendofprayer.com

May you be blessed as you pray for children at risk.

Also, check out VIVA (www.viva.org.au). VIVA is an organisation which the South Pacific Division partner with for this day and provides resources and assistance.

Next Date – 22 May 2021