The Tithe and Offerings Readings booklet is published annually, and has 52 readings, one for each Sabbath of the year. These readings are designed to be read before the offering is taken up during the Sabbath service.

The “Tithe & Offerings Readings” booklet is edited and prepared by the Stewardship Ministries Department, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

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2020 Tithes and Offerings Readings

The 2020 Tithes and Offerings Readings are completed, ready for distribution, and now available for download the General Conference Stewardship website at

There will also be an added feature in 2020: 52 videos, one for each week’s readings, and these are supposed to be presented in churches every Sabbath, before the offering collection.

Important materials available to download on that webpage.

  1. The entire readings’ booklet
  2. Individual readings in PDF (1st Quarter)
  3. Guide on how to promote the videos
  4. Individual Scripts of each reading (1st Quarter)
  5. Videos release schedules