Young Adults: Thinking of moving in 2020 to Work or Study?

This time of the year is an important time for young adults as they wrap up their academic year and consider plans for next year. Heading away from home for the first time to work or study can be a tough time.  But we have a growing number of Adventist churches all across NZ who are ready and waiting to be a home-away-from-home for tertiary students and young professionals.  The churches in this Network are committed to ensuring young people are supported, nurtured and equipped for this major chapter of their lives.

Young adults, parents, teachers, pastors, and youth leaders are able to make contact with a church in a centre where a young person is thinking of going.  No young person ever need leave home and be left alone and unsupported.

We want every young adult to know: wherever you go, you are cared for and have a home.

For more info, contact:

Lance Boulton
Adventist Tertiary Student & Young Professional Ministry NZ
New Zealand Pacific Union Conference
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