The nature of what pastors and their families accomplish is unique. God entrusted to them one of the most precious responsibilities: to care for His church. When they fail to fulfill this duty, church members are harmed. In this context, the pastoral family has a great responsibility before God and the church they serve. The church, on the other hand, needs to pray for them and support them in their work.

On Pastor’s Appreciation Day, church members from more than 150,000 congregations in 215 countries around the world have the opportunity to express gratitude to God and recognition to their pastors.

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Here are some ideas about how you and your church family can show appreciation for your pastor and family.

First…Let Me Take a Selfie!! #ilovemypastor

For those of you who love social media – share the love for your pastor by taking a selfie with him or her and post it on your personal social media pages using the hashtag #ilovemypastor.  Or post a tribute to your pastor on your church’s social media page.  Tag us so we can spread the love wider on our conference pages using the hashtag #adventistsnnz.  See you in cyberspace!

Pastors Appreciation Day

The month of October has been designated by Christians worldwide as Clergy Appreciation Month. In the same way that other professions are honored during the year, a date was officially chosen to honor pastors and those who perform ministerial work. The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has set the second Saturday of the month— October 13 this year—for this well-deserved tribute to our pastors….Read More

Show Kids How to Appreciate Their Pastor

As your kids notice what you are doing, it’s important to help them recognize all that a pastor does for the congregation. Talk about the pastor’s many responsibilities and the hours these tasks require….Read More

12 Ways to Honour Pastors by Serving Their Families

A church member once asked my pastor husband, “How can we as a church best show you our support and love?” Without hesitation, my husband responded, “If you will love on my wife and children, then you will have shown me support and love, too.” Read More

52 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor and Their Family

Pray for your pastor every day.  Send an email showing your pastor appreciation to your pastor and all your friends. Don’t use the blind copy email feature so that everyone’s name is listed at the top of the email….Read More

9 October 2021

For more information, visit the Elder’s Digest website: