Do you remember a time when you were going through something hard and were all alone?

This has been a very common experience for a lot of our young adults when they leave home for the first time to work or study.  Finding little to no support in a new centre, they quietly slip away from church and God.

But we passionately care about our young adults and want to ensure this is no longer their journey as they set off from home.

We now have a growing network of Adventist churches all across NZ who are working together to intentionally care for the tertiary students and young professionals who move to their centre.  It is exciting to see the desire, willingness and ability of so many churches to ensure young people are supported, nurtured and equipped for this major chapter of their lives.

Young adults, parents, teachers, pastors, youth leaders, and friends are now able to make contact with a church in a centre where a young person is thinking of going.

These churches are committed to using 7 healthy church principles (Christ-centered foundation, grace filled atmosphere, life groups, mentoring, intergenerational connections, family focus, and discipleship) which grow their ability to serve and share the everlasting Gospel in their context, and are particularly essential for supporting, equipping and empowering young adults.

Please support us in prayer as we continue adding willing and able churches in 2019 to the network of churches committed to ensuring young adults no longer slip through the cracks or fall off the grid.

Wherever you go, we have a home for you.

For more info, contact:

Lance Boulton – Adventist Young Adult & Tertiary Student Ministry NZ
New Zealand Pacific Union Conference