How Forgiveness Can Save Your Life

Holding onto anger is like swallowing a poison pill…and hoping the other person dies! It’s a deadly dilemma. But now, there’s a solution.

Every one of us has a story — a hurtful event perpetrated by someone who mattered in our lives. And for most of us, the never-ending hurt leaves us feeling discouraged and unhappy. While we’ve been taught we should forgive, we’ve never been shown why or how to forgive. But in his acclaimed series ‘Forgive to Live’, Dr. Dick Tibbits demonstrates how forgiveness can literally save your life.

Dr. Tibbits’ groundbreaking research revealed that a failure or inability to forgive creates an inner anger disturbing our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. And that anger kills through an array of ailments such as depression, stress, broken relationships, and heart disease. But his work also revealed a solution: forgiveness. And this interactive guide will show you how to forgive — insight by insight, step by step.

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