Faith Shaper Discipleship Resource – Faith shaper is a fantastic all-of-church discipleship framework. It describes 7 key areas that we all need to grow our faith, whether we are kids or adults.

Our greatest desire is to create lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. We desire our young people, our adults and our families to be deeply and passionately connected to Jesus. Yet we are not always seeing this happen, despite huge efforts of a lot of very dedicated people. In fact, many are walking away from Christ altogether. Why?

The answer is, they have never properly been discipled. They have been to church, been told bible stories, enjoyed great music and inspiring speakers, and had some amazing activities at camps. But have they had someone intentional walk with them in the key experiences that shape a life in the presence of Jesus?

Faith Shaper is an amazing resource that helps to equip churches and parents to disciple their children. But discipleship is a journey that we all benefit from, whether a child, adult, couple or family. So, wouldn’t it make sense for a church to implement a single discipleship model for their whole church? (Note: Discipling is simply being intentional about supporting someone’s journey toward Jesus)

Below you will find the 7 key experiences that will help guide you in discipling anyone. Simply be intentional about walking with another and showing them Jesus in these key areas. There are great ideas for churches to disciple children and adults. There are great ideas for families to ensure they are discipling each other in their home. And there are great ways to ensure that discipleship is happening in your marriage, as you walk intentionally with your spouse and Jesus. There are many more contexts that would benefit from implementing these experiences, and we would love to hear how you are applying them to your various lives and situations.

That sounds awesome – what next? Click here for some steps to help implement Faith Shaper into your church.

***Bonus Points***

Not all things are equal, and these faith shaping experiences are no different! Homes Empowered and Intergeneration Connectedness relate to two very special environments which God carefully designed to have a major impact on children and young people as they grow. God intended these to have a profound impact on a person’s development in all areas of life, including spiritually. There is one simple reason for this – loving relationships. It is in loving, committed, trust-filled relationships that we have the greatest impact on another.

Homes Empowered and Intergeneration Connectedness are worth “Bonus Points” because the impact of these areas are much greater than the other areas. It is here that God is glorified and made attractive to us to by those we trust most deeply. It is here we are given hope, nurture, discipleship, identity and more. It is by people we trust that we are led to encounter God for ourselves.