Inspired –but unsure what to do next? These simple steps will help you to begin the process of implantation into your church.

  1. Pray over the process to seek God’s wisdom and leading.
  2. Meet together as a church with your pastor, board members, children’s ministry and family ministry leaders to discuss how this could shape discipleship in your church. If you wish, invite your conference family ministries pastor to present what Faith Shaper is about, and guide you through the early stages of implementation.
  3. Discuss your church’s culture.
    1. Which of these 7 areas do you do well?
    2. Which could be strengthened?
    3. Which are weak?
    4. Are any completely missing?
  4. Look for the easy ways to strengthen each area.
    1. g. If your church is serving, could you incorporate the whole church to increase intergenerational connectedness and participation? Look at what small changes need to be made to make it relevant and accessible for the groups not currently involved.
    2. Do you have great kids departments, but nothing happening at home? Empower homes by helping parents to understand Gracelink and see the value in spending time during the week walking with their children spiritually using this great resource (with a free app!)
  5. Choose one area for focus on for the next year. Look at what small changes you could make to improve this area. Remember, if you do too much all at once you will make everyone tired. Little lasting changes are better than brief huge ones.
  6. Look at where you can get overlap areas.
    1. g. your retired people seem lonely so instead of creating a social group, you could consider a men’s group that volunteer to help with home maintenance for the poor in the community, and a women’s group that partner with ADRA to offer welcome baby packs. This way you meet the needs of relationships AND Service / Mission. It gives people purpose (through participation) and provides opportunity for mission. You could even consider expanding into intergenerational connectedness if you have some at risk youth who could learn some skills to provide better chances at employment, and to be mentored.
    2. Get intentional and see where you can make things intergenerational, or where kids or other demographics can be participating.
  7. Remember to keep the vision in front of your church regularly of walking intentionally towards Christ together. Keep the 7 areas in their minds and see how you can make small changes to make what you are already doing more effective by working smarter and more intentionally, not harder. Put it regularly on our agenda for meetings, put posters on your walls, and highlight how what you are doing is meeting these essential needs in your faith community.
  8. Celebrate successes.

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