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A community that invests in each other with genuine concern, compassion and openness.

“Encourage one another and build each other up.” (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

One of the greatest things one can do for another is to be present and to “be real” with them. So often people are too busy, or they put up masks, or act in the way they think people expect. To be present, real, open and honest with another is a real gift. This is about sharing who you are, your joys and your struggles. It is about accepting feedback, and lovingly sharing with the other some things that could help them. It’s about sharing your walk with Jesus to encourage and inspire others. Most importantly, its about making time for another to show them they are important.

What churches can do for;


  • Provide positive role models and mentors from all generations.
  • Equip parents as role models and mentors.
  • Ensure leaders of programs build quality relationships and model God’s grace.
  • Provide pro-social places for positive peer connections.
  • Ensure safe environments and implement child protection policies.


  • Provide opportunities for adults to connect and build relationships.
  • Develop a culture of openly sharing God’s goodness.
  • Equip adults in role modelling and mentoring.
  • Dialogue about the big issue that come up in healthy and respectful ways.
  • Speak the truth in love to grow one another (Eph 4:15).
  • Ensure appropriate (and godly) social boundaries.

How families can grow authentic relationships

  • Be a role model to your children of a Godly, healthy, balanced life.
  • Discuss the “big things” in a Godly and respectful way so they develop a Godly and healthy perspective.
  • Create a culture of humility and forgiveness by acknowledging your wrongs, seeking forgiveness and making restitution.
  • Have “daddy dates” and “mummy dates” for children to build deeper relationships with parents and enjoy one-on-one time.
  • Love your spouse, and let your children see it.
  • Extend wisdom in who you allow to interact with your child, and who they need to be protected from.

How couples can grow authentic relationships

  • Be committed, and communicate commitment to your partner for their security.
  • Actively seek to understand and know your partner. Listen.
  • Create a culture of humility and forgiveness by acknowledging your wrongs, seeking forgiveness and making restitution.
  • Look at how you can build your partner up, to encourage and empower them.
  • Be open about your weaknesses and struggles, and let them support and love you.
  • Date your mate
  • Play together regularly
  • Ensure appropriate boundaries around your relationship, and protect your relationship with openness.

“Children need more than just a family that gives them unconditional acceptance and love; they need a tribe that gives them a sense of belonging and significance.” Reggie Joiner, Carey Nieuwhof. Parenting Beyond Your Capacity p67

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