Church Ideas for children and Families at Home

Being locked down together means organising church yourselves. This is a great opportunity to be creative, encourage involvement and focus on the specific areas where your family needs to grow. Do just “import” church into your lounge room digitally, think about how to encourage participation.

Need Ideas?

Our website has a list of churches who are streaming their service online –

SPD have created King’s Kids – online church for kids with songs, drama, bible reading, crafts and more –

Gracelink have Sabbath School curriculum for all ages which includes topics, crafts, and a lot more –

Or… do you own thing! For example

This week, my family started out with some songs of praise. The kids got out their instruments and we made a joyful song to God at least (probably not the neighbours!). My daughter wanted to teach us to fold paper “fortune tellers” (see pics attached). They have 8 spaces inside which you get to by selecting a number and a colour, so we wrote 8 personal prayers on the inside following the ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication) prayer model. We all used the same colours then went around the circle and we each landed on a different colour. Then, we paused and everyone shared their prayer under that colour. It was quite a special prayer time, far deeper and more thoughtful than our children had ever prayed previously. And fun! Took a while, but we had all morning.

Next was time for the sermon. We began by folding paper boats. The kids used A4 paper and later floated them on our pond, while my wife and I folded little tiny baking paper ones. We then half-filled 2 jars with blue coloured water and toped it up with vegetable oil. Our little baking paper boats were then sunk in the oil, but floated on the water. We read the story of Jesus calming the storm and as we read the story the children were able to create a storm in their jar. It makes a pretty good looking storm, but our boats prevailed! We were able to ask the children about the various storm they might be experiencing which are making them afraid. They were surprisingly insightful as they shared about concerns over Coronavirus, family in Australia, and more. We were able to remember Jesus’ ability to speak and for this to be immediately calmed. More importantly, we were reminded by one of the kids that Jesus was always in the boat and they were never really in danger, it just seemed like it. We were all encouraged that God is in control.

With only a little thought (and perhaps stealing a few ideas from Gracelink) it isn’t hard to have home church where everyone is involved in all aspect of worship, where all are invited to share and minister to each other. This is what the New Testament church was all about, everyone participating and contributing. What a great time to experiment with it! You have a number of weeks to get it right. And be encouraged, this week was far more successful than our efforts last week.

Dale Hokin – Family & Children’s Pastor. Pathfinders & Adventurers Director

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