CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Programme) has been part of health ministries in New Zealand and around the South Pacific for many years now. We have come to love this programme created by Dr Hans Diehl, because we can see the amazing changes that people have experienced in their lives because of it. Discover what CHIP has done for thousands of people around the world and consider if this programme will help you to reach others.

For more information about CHIP please visit their website at

About CHIP Information Video – short (4:45) from Lifestyle Medicine Institute on Vimeo.

The CHIP Promo video – short version (4:45 min). Perfect to show to friends, co-workers, family, anyone, who wants to know what the CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) is all about. Contains life-saving information, testimonies, and resources that will be of interest to those wanting to take charge of their health. (Released Oct 2013)

If you are interested in running CHIP in your church, please get in contact with Adrielle Carrasco today.


Adrielle Carrasco

Director of Adventist Health Ministries & Union Liaison for Women’s Ministries

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