1 – 7 September 2019

Adsafe would like to take this opportunity to promote the importance of empowering our children and building strong relationships as parents and care givers.

This year they have designed a competition for all school aged children to have the opportunity to enter.

  • Primary School: Colouring-in Competition
  • High School: Film Competition
  • High School: Drawing Competition

For more information visit the Adsafe website at sps.org.au


You will find below the following resources to download.

  • An article to encourage parents and care givers to affirm their children and ideas to promote empowerment.
  • A portrait page promoting the creative skills competition giving children the chance to explain what safety means to them.
  • A copy of the colouring in competition incase some people are unable to access the picture.
  • Some posters (5 in total to choose from) that the churches and schools can place around their premises.
  • A powerpoint slides to be displayed between Sabbath School and Church or maybe electronic boards at our schools etc.