Each year the South Pacific Division, Health Ministries team produce material to use in your local church for Adventist Health Week. For more information please visit health.adventistchurch.com

9-16 May 2020

As part of the health week for 2020, Adventist Health Ministries has put together a number of resources for use by the local church.  In this initial post, we are attaching a number of files which geared to inspire our children and build resilience in a fun and constructive way.  If you look at the illustration, you will notice that there are a number of areas of focus:

Being spiritually aware, socially connected, academically focused, physically energized, committed to the environment, living a purposeful life and emotionally happy.

To keep this light and fun, these concepts have been given lyrics and linked to a modern, catchy accompaniment; a familiar idiom for young people.

This is the first of the resources for Adventist Health Week, and will be followed by other resources for other groups in the church. We hope to have these in hand by the end of the current week.

By their very nature, these resources are intended to be a permanent resource for use in the primary sabbath school, school-room or Adventurers/Pathfinder toolkit. Please ensure that they reach the intended adults connected with these areas.

Adrielle Carrasco MHealSc (clinical) – Director of Adventist Health Ministries & Union Liaison for Women’s Ministries