2020 is spiritual harvest time in Papua New Guinea.

Over 120 pastors from Australia & New Zealand are partnering with over 1,500 local pastors and elders to share the gospel across 2,000 sites in Papua New Guinea.

You are invited to partner with Papua New Guinea Union Mission.

To provide the best spiritual nurture, new churches need to be established for every 50 new believers. Funds raised will be used to buy Bibles and other reading resources for all baptised and to provide building materials for as many simple church structures as funds will enable.


DISCIPLESHIP & DOCTRINAL RESOURCES: Provide 110,000 Bibles, discipleship & doctrinal guides to help new believers grow in their faith.

SIMPLE CHURCHES: Partner with the General Conference, South Pacific Division and Papua New Guinea Union Mission to purchase steel building materials to fund up to 2,000 simple church structures that are built locally by members. Each church will cost approximately AUD $3,000 in steel building materials.


  • New eGiving App Choose your home church and then scroll down the screen until you find CAMP MISSION OFFERING 2020 (PNG for Christ).
  • eGiving Website Go to either Australia www.egiving.org.au or New Zealand www.egiving.org.nz. Choose your local church and then click on show other offerings to see the full list and find CAMP MISSION OFFERING 2020 (PNG for Christ).
  • Cash offerings will be received on Sabbath at your Conference camp.
  • Credit Card envelopes will be provided where you can add your credit card details along with your partnership decision.
  • Cheques can be made out to your local conference and given specifically for CAMP MISSION OFFERING 2020 (PNG for Christ).

Camp Mission Offering 2020 from SPD Discipleship on Vimeo.