The Balmoral SDA School Board of Trustees is delighted to announce the appointment of the new Principal for our school commencing in January 2021.

The Board is pleased to appoint Mrs Mary Brown as the new Principal. Mrs Mary Brown will take up the role from Mrs Felicity Drinkall who is returning home to Perth in Western Australia at the end of the year. We thank Mrs Drinkall for the years she has served as our school principal since 2016 and we wish to acknowledge her enormous contribution and leadership.

Mrs Brown (nee Webster) is from Auckland and raised as a Seventh-day Adventist. She attended Auckland SDA High School as a student. She is an experienced senior teacher with various leadership experiences including Acting Deputy Principal at Southern Cross Campus (Years 1-13 school). Mrs Brown has successfully led her current school community through significant school-wide initiatives and improved educational outcomes for its students including pastoral leadership and the mentoring of teachers. She has been able to facilitate significant and sound educational improvements while building positive relationships with staff, students and families.

Mary is a godly Christian with a mature and growing faith in Jesus. She is an active contributor to her local church and is also a member of the Pasifika Advisory Panel to the Auckland City Council. Her contemporary working knowledge, organisational ability coupled with a reflective nature will support the school’s continued development of learner agency and the strong learning-focused relationships and positive connections embedded within our school community.

Her philosophy as a leader and educator is that Adventist Christian education is “an extension of the home in building a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.” Her mission is to “accelerate and invest in people” as “we educate learners for eternity.” This aim will be achieved by “providing ALL learners a safe and supportive school environment where they belong, learn and grow in a Christ-centred value.”

We also welcome Mrs Brown’s family, husband Karl and two beautiful children, Azariah and Zipporah.

Mrs Mary Brown is looking forward to working alongside the amazing teachers and staff members at Balmoral Seventh-day Adventist School as they serve and educate our children in “seeking God together.”