Written by Ed Gallager – john524goodnews.org

This treasure is like nothing you’ve seen before. Especially helpful for people who are new to the Bible or off-track with their study experience. This compilation of Scriptures provides a superb way to discover the joy of the Word.

It takes you through the Good News story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, using Scripture selections you might expect, plus hidden gems that will surprise.

No commentary … just the Word, representing six different English translations. Let the Spirit speak to you and bless you!

Scriptures fall into eight themes: Godhead-Holy Spirit . . . Messiah-Christ . . .  grace-gospel . . . choice-destiny . . . church-mission . . . faith-challenge . . . prayer-praise . . . relationship-holiness.

Themes are colour-coded … you can choose one and follow it easily. Colour illustrations help drive Bible messages home.

A total of 365 selections suggest reading and praying over one Scripture passage a day—for a great year in your life!

Ideal for group study as well as personal study. In your group or family, choose a theme and follow it through.

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