produced by Edwin Gallagher (more simply known as Ed Gallagher).

Pr Ed Gallagher

Ed was New Zealand born. He has also lived in Australia, England and the USA. He has served as a Christian teacher, pastor, writer and communicator, chaplain, youth counselor, healthcare manager/director, and regional church leader. Earlier in life Ed also did stints as a farm worker, truck driver, janitor, factory worker, driving instructor, construction worker, and groundsman. Ed has written four books and many articles. He pursued education in New Zealand, Australia, England and the USA, earning degrees in theology, religion and applied communication. Sadly after a short time of illness Pr Ed Gallagher passed away peacefully on the 5th of December 2017 surrounded by his wife Betty, and his close family and friends.

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5-minute talks … audio files (mp3) on powerful Scriptures

  • Pointed teachings from God’s Word … bringing the Bible to life … application to daily living …stories & illustrations … each talk is approximately 5 minutes—sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less … listen online or download for listening later, or to share … files are between 2 and 10 mb in size
  • Listed in order of accession—most recent at the top

I will live and not die … why am I here? … is there a purpose to my life? … when things fall apart, is it worth going on? … if these questions are in your mind, be sure to catch this encouraging message from 2 Samuel 14:14 and Psalm 118:17.

Don’t be afraid … God’s answer for whatever you’re facing today … an invitation appearing more than 100 times in the Bible … linked to the promise: “our God will fight for us!”—this is the key … a message from Nehemiah 4.

Home in God … are you restless, ill at ease, feeling like you don’t have a real home where you can relax in security and comfort? … catch this teaching from Psalm 90:1—the only psalm directly attributed to Moses, and the oldest psalm in the collection.

Hidden with Christ … we’re called to share Christ, but at the same time, there’s something deep inside us that must be hidden, treasured, and quietly grown … a teaching from Colossians 3:3.

Spirit without limit …  what size container are you bringing to God, for him to fill? … a message of  hope from John 3:34.

A giant leap from death to life … the incredible message of John 5:24—keynote Scripture for this website.