Building LEGO lions = building your leadership skills! This creative agenda can only reflect a fun-packed learning weekend at the Pathfinder Leadership Award (Tui Ridge on 30 Aug to 1 Sept).

“The Pathfinder Leadership Award (PLA) is the training event for pathfinder leaders”, explains Dale Hokin, leader for the Conference Pathfinders. “PLA takes a fair bit of work and commitment. In addition to active leadership in a Pathfinders club and teaching a class,” continues Pr Hokin, “leaders need to commit to spiritual growth over a year following a devotional plan, as well as attend a number of training weekends”

At the first training weekend PLA1, earlier this year leaders were introduced to the basic concepts of being a pathfinder: participating in camping, activity-based learning, nature awareness, knots and lashing, marching, Sabbath camping and Pathfinder games. This PLA (PLA2) expanded on basic experiences, adding a depth of understanding, through both theory and practice.

The most important thing according to Pr Hokin, “is for leaders to remember that the goal of Pathfinders is to bring our young people into the presence of Jesus Christ now and for eternity.”

“This way of doing Pathfinders, is simply a discipleship track that enables us to bring Jesus into everyday experiences”, explains Pr Hokin, “it’s not just theory like we do with Sabbath School and church, but actual experience. Then, as we walk with them through these experiences they begin to see and understand who God is and how He speaks into every moment of life.”

The transformational encounters happen by Pathfinder leaders walking with their Pathfinders and bringing God into the journey. These experiences make the Pathfinder ministry become the most effective ministry of our church. “The primary goal is for leaders to see that leadership is discipleship”, concludes Pr Hokin.  “Our goal is to use the outdoors and other activities to bring our young people to Jesus”.

– Pr Kirsten Øster Lundqvist, Communication & Media Officer NNZC with Pr Dale Hokin, Family and Children’s Pastor NNZC