Oxford church is a happening place…
The last few months have been astir with activity at both the church and in the communities of Oxford and Darfield. This year we have graduated 20 new CHIP participants and 18 Depression Recovery participants and sent them all off to evangelise their  towns with their new health concepts. Our vego clubs are alive and well in both towns attracting around 20 – 30 people who come and enjoy a community meal, demonstrations and some health tips.  Our youth group meets fortnightly with up to 20 in attendance.  Recently we enjoyed a paint ball evening at the campground…much fun.  Our little country church continues to grow enjoying between 40 – 60 in attendance most weeks.   Sabbath school is well attended in all departments.

Many of our congregation participate in a letter box drop on a monthly  basis blanketing the town with Glow tracks and flyers of local programs being run. Our friendship group running once a month has just had its end of year break up and the folk are keen to keep it going next year. Some of the members have done singing at the local rest home on a weekly basis while others have provided home cooked meals to families in crisis. We enjoyed a fabulous family/Adventurers camp in September with 45 in attendance.

Dr John Hammond was the speaker and he enthralled both young and old with his fascinating story telling. Last week our Adventurer club headed up by Jody and Matt Sinclair celebrated an investiture during our service to the delight of all. A big highlight of our church is a shared lunch EVERY WEEK! Worship services are great with visitors being present most weeks in the congregation. We enjoy a wonderful fellowship together and  there is always room for one more so come visit us sometime….. but you might have to book a pew!!!!

– Katie Snyder, Oxford, Seventh-day Adventist Church

Having fun at the camp Ground paintballing