On Sabbath morning 28th April, South-Island Bee farmer of 43 years Mr Bruce McCusker was interviewed by guest speaker Nicolene Filmalter. Mr Bruce McCusker dressed in his protective beekeeping suit walked on stage for the children’s story to share about the Busy Bee. He explained enthusiastically how the working Bee is part of God’s marvellous creation and that evolution could never have manifested such an intelligent design.

Nicolene Filmalter who lives in South Africa, once believed that evolution had some credibility and that billions of years could somehow be reconciled with God’s Word. However, over many years of study, she realised that the scientific evidence was overwhelmingly in support of the creation of a young Earth. While studying Nature Conservation she worked at the De Wildt Cheetah Research Sanctuary where she completely fell in love with cheetahs, still her absolute favourite animal today. She also worked at the Kruger National Park as a night drive guide. She later (2010) achieved her Master’s Degree in Vegetation Classification and Management. Currently, she is an external lecturer at the University of South Africa (UNISA) in the School of Environmental Science, Applied Natural Sciences: Nature Conservation. Nicolene has written the book “Creation by God, or Evolution…From Nothing” for ages 12-112. Nicolene’s primary objective remains to be her dedication to provide uncompromising truth and scientific evidence in support of the Biblical Creation of a young Earth by the Creator God and to spread this message by all means possible.

Nicolene was honoured to present the evidence for creation over evolution for the Ilam Seventh-day Adventist Church and community in Christchurch over the week of 23-28 April. These meetings had a good attendance and were very informative to those who attended.

Those who weren’t able to attend the meetings at Ilam SDA Church can order a set of DVDs with all 8 presentations and her book through her tour manager Kevin Maevsky.

For further information contact: kevin@maevsky.com

The following titles were presented at Ilam SDA Church last week and will be available on DVD through M Sky Media.

  1. Why Creation? Introduction, Sciences, The Big Bang, & Irreducible Complexity
  2. Genes, Mutations, Natural Selection And The Created Kind
  3. The Age of the Earth, The Flood, Fossils and Evidence for a Young World
  4. Fossils and Evidence for a Young World; Radiometric Dating
  5. Logistics of the Ark; After the Flood, Races
  6. Dinosaurs?
  7. Human evolution – Really?
  8. Personal Testimony

 (Image attached with Bruce and Nicolene)