The second Ignite Weekend took place in Auckland this weekend. Gathering young adults from as far as Hawkes Bay and Feilding, it was a time and space to ask the questions that never go away. Guest speaker Pr Roy Kim, from Melbourne City church, Australia, immediately endeared himself to the Kiwi heart by donning an All Black t-shirt on Friday night. Addressing the value of doubt in faith, Pr Kim challenged the attendees to “practice the undeniable over the unexplainable.”

Like many young adults, Lesley Damon had been looking forward to the event. “I’d been searching for an event that would speak to me as a young person,” said Lesley. “What I got out of Ignite was something quite unexpected, but something that I also desperately need, to be in a space where I am confronted by the concepts of faith and spirituality and grow to develop a greater awareness of the responsibility I hold to explore and nurture my faith experience.”

Organiser Pr Lance Boulton connected the attendees through various activities. The ‘Bible challenge’ and ‘top 20 questions’ engaged participants in dialogue and laughter and challenged them to dig deeper into their faith. “The speakers really inspired us as young adults to critically think about our values and beliefs,” said Thea Vera, “and they encouraged us to boldly come forward and share the messages which God has laid on our hearts.”

A selection of workshops gave young adults the opportunity to talk to various presenters, in a space where life’s big questions could be contemplated within a faith framework.  Local youth Tendai Chitongo and Joyce Mgendi shared devotionals and testimonies that spoke to the heart of their peers. “This weekend was really valuable to me,” said Sara Ryan, “as I continue to grow in faith and look forward to my future within the church.”

– Pr Kirsten Øster Lundqvist, Communication & Media Officer NNZC
Photo credit: Facebook Page AdventistYoungAdultNZ