This report refers to the Conference Executive Committee meeting convened on Wednesday 2 May 2018.

Lead Pastor’s Report

Nurture and Retention
NNZC Regional Pastors contributed to the NZPUC Nurture and Retention consultation together with other entities of the union. This is a General Conference initiative aimed at reducing the high number of members leaving the Adventist church.

The NNZC suggestions included:

  • Reviewing local church pastoral care programs.
  • Identifying signals of restlessness in a church member early and seeking to address the concerns before they become issues.
  • Conducting exit interviews with members who are transferring to another congregation.
  • Improving pastoral skills in conflict management.
  • Tracking spiritual growth and development to encourage members to keep growing.
  • Re-assessing the entry into-the-church process to increase “sticky-ness”
  • Mentoring older members on the changes in society so they are able to understand the societal transitions that are taking place – particularly in youth culture.

NNZC Vision & Mission 2016-2020
Pr Tupa’i highlighted the Conference vision and mission for the current term

Vision: Healthy Adventist Communities
To see communities throughout North New Zealand becoming healthier through the presence and proclamation of Seventh-day Adventists.

Mission: Making Disciples – Multiplying Ministries – Transforming Communities
Making Disciples – By being a Missional Disciple (always on mission)

  • Leading others to follow Jesus.
  • Luke 10:1-12 Jeremiah 29:1-14

Multiplying Ministries – By being an Apostolic Witness (sent into mission)

  • Living as a witness of Jesus where God’s kingdom is yet to be established (the harvest).
  • Isaiah 58:1-14 Daniel 2

Transforming Communities – By being a Prophetic Missionary (bold in mission)

  • Loving the world with the Spirit of Jesus by proclaiming his life and word of hope
  • Revelation 14:6-12 Matthew 25:31-46

Ministry Plan 2016 – 2020
To empower local church leaders by:

  • Praying in faith and being Spirit Led
  • Opening missional relationships in local neighbourhoods
  • Wise and strategic stewardship of all conference resources
  • Engaging youth in the life and ministry of the church
  • Renewing sacrificial service in paid and volunteer ministry

Staffing Report

Due to resignations, retirements, relocations and other reasons, there are at least seven current and pending changes in pastoral staffing from now into early 2019.

Pastors John Smolka (Gisborne), Patrick Coogan (Kaitaia) and Andrew West (Tauranga) were ordained to pastoral ministry during December 2017 to March 2018.

North NZ Conference Financial Reports and 2018/2019 Budget

The Committee acknowledged God’s blessings and the faithfulness of members in returning tithes and offerings over recent months. The report to 31 March 2018 showed a large tithe increase now amounting to over $846,000 in excess of projections.

The draft 2018/2019 NNZC Conference Budget was approved in principle with a deficit of $349,439 to be funded by a surplus in the current operating period.

Adventist Book Centre Report

The Adventist Book Centre (ABC) Manager Mrs Christine Miles presented her report which included the following good news.  Shortly after Big Camp this year she attended the ABC Marketing Meetings in Warburton, Australia. At the marketing meetings the NNZC ABC was noted as being ‘the best in Australasia’ and ‘leaving the Australian shops far behind’ with its clear vision, and active and positive interaction with churches, along with good financial management. These comments came as a result of them seeing our financial report(s), our purchases from them, our website, social media, and anecdotal perceptions.

The ABC operating report to the end of March 2018 showed a surplus before transfers of $6,386.

The Executive Committee is very appreciative of the hard work and intuitive thinking Mrs Miles puts into the ABC.

Secretary’s Report

Conference Roll Statistics 1st Quarter 2018 (31 March 2018)

  • Churches 61
  • Companies 26
  • Groups/Plants 36
Church Attendance  Sabbath School Attendance
2nd Sabbath 2,253 2nd Sabbath 1,363
7th Sabbath 3,381 7th Sabbath 1,698

Members – Beginning of Quarter     10,758

Members Added Members Subtracted
Baptisms 72 Transfers Out 33
Profession of Faith 18 Deaths 28
Transfers In 40 Removed 8
Missing -7
Adhustments -1

Members – End of Quarter             10,927

Pastoral Staffing Policy

The formula whereby pastors are allocated to territories and churches has been under review for several years. After receiving input from the Conference Finance Audit committee the following policy guidelines were adopted by the Executive Committee.

  1. Pastoral allocation decisions are to support the NNZC strategic vision and mission as detailed in the Conference Vision/Ministry statements.
  2. Pastoral allocations are to be spread as equitably as possible across all churches. Factors to consider include: location, population density, ethnicity, that financially strong churches are to support weaker areas while we continue giving fair support to the stronger churches
  3. Pastoral allocations are to be at the ultimate discretion of the Conference leadership who also take into account church attendance and tithe returned.

Bethesda Apartments Project

The Project Managers report to the end of April indicated the structure and envelope of the building is almost complete and internal works are tracking well. Due to some issues the project completion date is now delayed until late August or early September.

Ben Timothy
Administrative Pastor
North New Zealand Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church

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