Treasury Matters

In light of the economic uncertainties caused by COVID-19, Conference management advised the Executive Committee of various cost reduction measures that have been taken in the careful use of tithe and offering faithfully given by church members back to God.  It was recommended and agreed to by the committee that a further review of the current 2020/2021 operating budget take place.

Regarding the handful of local churches that employ their own limited number of staff (e.g. local church secretaries) for which Conference provides the services of payroll, the following resolution was reached:

WHEREAS: There be certain local churches that have asked NNZC to pay wages on their behalf to employees of the local church; that it be

RESOLVED: To require those same local churches within the NNZC to establish a direct debit that NNZC can draw upon to recover those same funds it has paid in wages; and

FURTHER: That without this direct debit being in place NNZC will not make the wage payments.

In relation to the payment of insurance premiums by Conference on behalf of local churches in expectation of reimbursement by the local church, a practice true of most churches in the Conference, the following resolution was reached:

RESOLVED: That NNZC will no longer pay insurance premiums on behalf of those churches that are in arrears in reimbursing Conference those same funds until full restitution is made; and

FURTHER: That all local churches be required to establish a direct debit that NNZC can draw upon to recover those same funds it pays on behalf of local church insurance premiums; and

FURTHER: That without this direct debit being in place NNZC will not make insurance premium payments on behalf of local churches.

Urgent Need of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

It was agreed that there is an urgent need for the services of a full-time CFO and to this end, the decision below was made.

WHEREAS: Due to the unpredictable nature of COVID-19 restrictions and their economic impacts causing concern for the financial health of the Conference and continuing uncertainty as to when the 92nd Constituency Session will be permitted to occur and as we no longer have an interim CFO, it be

RESOLVED: That the NNZC Appointments Committee be convened as soon as possible to appoint a new CFO.

Since then, the Appointments Committee has met and a call has been made to a particular candidate from whom we await word.

Timing and location of 92nd NNZC Constituency Session (‘Session’)

WHEREAS: A government review is underway in consideration of a possible move to a COVID-19 Alert Level 1 and this being scheduled for completion by September 6th 2020, it is

RESOLVED: That Session remain scheduled for September 19-20, 2020 with a final confirmation of these dates to be communicated to constituency on behalf of the Executive Committee by NNZC officers no later than September 7th, 2020; and

FURTHER: That, if for reason of COVID-19 restrictions, it should not be possible to hold Session on September 19-20, 2020 that we agree upon the following order of reserve dates for the holding of Session in 2020 – ___________ each one being communicated by NNZC officers to constituency only as each previous becomes unviable; and

FURTHER: That irrespective of the dates upon which Session occurs, it be held at East Auckland Church.

As has already been communicated to constituents, the new dates for Session are currently October 17-18.

Secretary’s Report

Conference Roll Statistics 2nd Quarter 2020 (30 June, 2020)

Church Attendance

  •  2nd Sabbath 1131
  • 7th Sabbath 1216

Sabbath School Attendance

  • 2nd Sabbath 739
  • 7th Sabbath 829

Members – Beginning of Quarter 11,204

Members Added

  • Baptisms 22
  • Profession of Faith 0
  • Transfers In 10
  • Missing -49
  • Adjustments 2

Members Subtracted

  • Transfers Out 25
  • Deaths 17
  • Removed 0

Members – End of Quarter 11,147

Due to the interruption of COVID-19, second quarter membership figures remained essentially static with a relatively small drop in overall figures due to a membership audit of one church.  Attendance figures dropped sharply, also due to the impact of COVID-19.

– Pr Hugh Heenan, NNZC General Secretary