Capital Church (Wellington) and Mosaic Community Church (Palmerston North) combined for a Spirit-filled weekend at El Rancho, Waikanae, 6-8 March.

The weather was stunning, the fellowship meaningful, the Word was deep and the food was good. What else would you want at a camp? It was so successful that before the end of camp, it was agreed to do a combined camp again in 2021 with most who attended wanting to invite specific people for the next camp. Some like, Carl Goldstone from Wellington, even requested to the pastors to make it a longer weekend.  It was really special to see relationships made across the churches embedding a sense of belonging in the wider church family. Gwen Kapao (Mosaic) brought a friend from school and the two of them made a strong connection with Ava (Capital Church). “I loved making a new friend and playing in the swimming pool,” Gwen said.

Positive relationships make church a place of belonging. On Sabbath, the camp had nearly 70 people with day visitors from Wellington and Longburn Adventist College. Many went for beach walks on Sabbath or to watch the sunset that evening. The venue provided the atmosphere for connection with each other as well as our Creator. You cannot deny a loving Creator as you watch the sunset over Kapiti Island while new friends splash in the sea, their laughter heard over the waves on the beach.

Pr Jesse Hereford (Mosaic) and Pr Kirsten Oster-Lundqvist (Capital) agreed that the churches were aligned in many ways: intentional outward focus, inclusivity and worship styles to name a few. Pr Lundqvist says, “Capital has a tradition for church camp, and one of the main purposes of a combined camp for us, was to help expand our fellowship with a like-minded church, and it was a relief to see how well the two church groups connected.”  Sentiments echoed by Mosaic Pastor Jesse Hereford.   “I particularly treasured the value in churches being friends, and for us to understand that we as a church are not existing in isolation,” said pr. Hereford, “my desire would be to see more churches collaborate for the kingdom”

All who attended look forward to the next opportunity to connect.

Julene Kapao

Photo Credit: Kirsten Oster Lundqvist and Julene Kapao