5 October 2021

Special Big Camp 2022 Cancellation Announcement

Today the very difficult decision was made to cancel Big Camp for 2022. We understand that this will be a blow to the many who had already booked and were looking forward to the spiritual and social highlight camp is. There will be diverse views on this decision but we ask you to respect that it took much prayer, research, consultation and thought to come to the decision to cancel our biggest spiritual event. We live in times that are very new and different for us. As Seventh-day Adventists they do not shock us as Jesus warned us that these things would happen however we still need to manage in a manner that cares for people, respects our government while being free to worship as God calls us to.

The ever-changing nature of COVID-19 and how this is transpiring does bring some surprises. The cancellation took into account a wide range of considerations which we briefly summarise below.

Camp had already been shortened to minimise cost and risk should there be an outbreak of COVID-19.  This did not factor in the nature of the delta variant and the new requirements that it is bringing.

Core considerations

  • Wellbeing of our people and the wider community.
  • The health and care of our members, guests should COVID-19 be contracted.
  • The ease with which Big Camp could become a super spreader event and the national consequences of this.
  • Responsible citizenship within our community, not wanting to overwhelm the Rotorua Hospital and its wider community.

Impact on church membership

  • Big Camp is the Conference’s premier spiritual event yet less than 10% of our membership choose to attend.
  • Big Camp is a tradition that is a real highlight for members both spiritually and socially, this will be a disappointment.


  • National Vaccination policies, testing regimes, mask wearing, deep cleaning and the transitory nature of many who visit and attend camp.
  • Members unwilling to comply

We will fully refund all payments that have been made to those who have booked for Big Camp 2022. Those who have booked will be contacted within the next few weeks in relation to receiving their refund. Please bear with us as we pivot to complete this piece of work in a timely manner.

To ensure there is an opportunity for North New Zealand to have time in worship, all be it virtually, we are looking at a special event. It is not Big Camp and will not replace Big Camp but will allow for spiritual engagement as a Conference.

If you have any specific issues please feel free to contact us at [email protected]