Philippians 4:19 says: “God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”  The small, but resilient, group of believers in Westport can confirm that such promise is true. Despite the geographical isolation of this West Coast community and their ongoing social-economic struggles, the Lord has provided the means for the Gospel to be shared in this part of SNZ.

Your faithfulness in tithing, prayers and the Discipleship vision of church leaders have enabled the Conference to establish my monthly presence as a minister in the Buller region, as well as provide literature resources and support for the group. In the last two years, that I have been appointed pastor for Nelson and Westport I have assisted in the reinstatement of weekly worship meetings and other foundational work. Now, as the strategy matures, a new minister has been appointed to the region. Pastor Jesel Royokada will be spending two weeks of every month, not only shepherding to current believers, but will also lead in community outreach. There is enormous potential. Many people are not attending any church yet, and a few have indicated that they are watching our Adventist channels and reacting positively to our message.

God has also provided a meeting space for Saturday worship service and other weekly activities. It is a lovely venue with different rooms for social events and a kitchen. The local Union Church has about seven elderly members left in their congregation. Amazingly, their leader approached us, offering the venue for our use free of charge. They even offered us an office and storage room, as well as inquired if they could join us for worship from time to time! For this and many other reasons, we are confident that we have a rich God who will always supply every need of His children.
Westport Adventist Church’s New Address:
Union Church, corner of Queen St. & Wakefield St.
– Pr Jonathas Custodio, Westport Seventh-day Adventist Church