Mrs Nellie Tooley, resident of Bethesda Care, celebrated her 100th birthday anniversary on the 3rd of July, 2019.  Her sons Mr Bruce Tooley and Pr Cranville Tooley along with most of her family including grandchildren and great grandchildren joined with her in celebrating all these years of a wonderful life in which she blessed and enriched many people.

Nellie was born in the Wairarapa district and has lived in different places in the North and South Islands. Prior to their move to Bethesda in 2007 Nellie and her late husband Hugh lived in their Wanganui home for a number of years. These days Nellie has slowed down physically however her mind and heart are still in excellent condition and it is fascinating to converse with her about her life journey.

When asked about her experience she stated “I can’t believe I have reached this age.
I don’t know why God has kept me so long, but I hope that I am managing to do the things he left me for. I think he wants me to have more faith in him and to help others”
Her advice is “Always remember God. Jesus is always there and he says I will never leave you or forsake you”.

Valuable counsel from this wonderful Christian centenarian. We wish God’s continuing blessing and care on Nellie and her family in the years to come.

Congratulations and all thanks to God for this amazing milestone in her life.