Spirit Gifting Guide

Written by Ed Gallagher  john524goodnews.org

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Spirit Gifting … a Bible study guide

  • A 27-page, full-color workbook.
  • Features 10 “anchor texts” in the Old and New Testaments that describe the gifting of the Holy Spirit— some of these Scriptures are hidden and surprising.
  • Not for casual readers! This workbook is for those who want to spend time in the Word of God to learn about how the Holy Spirit empowers people for Christian service.
  • Designed for individual study or group study.
  • Verbal and photographic illustrations throughout.
  • Additional reading in the last part, under titles such as “Is there a specific calling for me?” and “How can we relate to criticism?”
  • Plenty of opportunity for personal response and group discussion.

You may be a disciple and you might feel called to minister. But how? What about your uncertainty, weakness and inability? This unique workbook shows how God gives us tailer-made ability—through a mysterious process called Spirit gifting. You will find a non-traditional and unexpected approach to this subject—drawn completely from Scripture itself. Whether God wants you in a quiet, supportive ministry, or in an out-front role of some kind, you will see how Heaven can use you in a significant calling here on Earth—right where you live and work and worship.


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