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Our Church has developed many great resources. The best place to get these resources is directly from the department that has produced them. Please use the following links to find some great ideas and resources:

Other Ministries (recommended)

  • Pastors.com is a place for Christian leaders to connect. They put together a flowing stream of content to nourish and enrich the lives and leadership of leaders everywhere as well as a dynamic community where church leaders can draw encouragement and wisdom from one another: pastors.com
  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality website is a great place for resources that help small group leaders guide their groups to being emotionally healthy in their spirituality: www.emotionallyhealthy.org
  • John 5:24 good news! produced by Ed Gallagher: john524goodnews.org
  • Center for Creative Ministry – This website is an excellent source for resources and ideas for your Sabbath School/Small Group: www.creativeministry.org

Bring Your Small Group to Life!

Written by Ed Gallagher john524goodnews.org

  • A learning module for small-group leaders and helpers … individual study or seminar group.
  • A PDF file for download … great for personal study on computer … also suitable for projecting to a group.
  • This is a shorter version of “Bring Your Sabbath School to Life!” … significantly adapted for small-group leaders … for the Sabbath School version see adventist.org.nz/equip/sabbath-school.

Download the pdf file (7.6mb)

Serving Christ through groups

Written by Ed Gallagher john524goodnews.org

  • A 12-page, full-colour, printed guide about establishing small groups for ministry and church growth.
  • Suitable for group or individual study.
  • Keywords: small groups, witnessing, spiritual gifts, outreach, ministry.

Download the pdf file (6.7 mb)

Keys to Small Group Ministry

Created by the General Conference Sabbath School & Personal Ministries Department.

It is time for Jesus to come and yet there is a great work to be accomplished. Big plans need to be set in operation. One method by which those big plans and that great work can be accomplished is through small groups. The potential for church growth in Christ centered, Spirit-led, and well organized small groups with proper goals is unlimited. To think big and set into action big plans, the church needs to think small groups.

We will begin by reviewing briefly the Biblical, Adventist, and recent history of small groups, and then discuss how to organize and operate them for the greatest results.

Download the PDF file (1.5 mb)

Church Role Guide: Small Group Leader

The Ministry of the Small Group Leader

Have you been asked to serve your local church as a small group leader? Or perhaps you serve on a church nominating committee and wonder what a small group leader is expected to do. This guide has been designed to help you understand the role of a small group within your local church.