Special Events

10 Days of Prayer (January) – www.tendaysofprayer.org
Women’s Day of Prayer (March) – www.adventistwomensministries.org
Youth Week of Prayer (March) – gcyouthministries.org
Sabbath of Prayer and Fasting (October) – www.revivalandreformation.org/prayer
Week of Prayer (September) – record.net.au

If my people Pray…

Amazing things happen in and around us when we pray. Prayer gives us the opportunity to talk to God and also hear His voice on the things that matter to us. Join us as we intentionally focus on praying for each other and the world around us. You are welcome to post prayers of request and thanksgiving and take the time to stop and pray for the requests you see and intercede with God on behalf of our brothers and sisters. Join our group, our Facebook community of prayer on www.facebook.com/groups/NZ.If.My.People.Pray

Read all the “If my people Pray” LifeSpots by Ed Gallagher


Our Church has developed many great resources. The best place to get these resources is directly from the Ministry Department that has produced them. Please use the following links to find some great ideas and resources:


  • Prayer in Faith and Practice – written by Ed Gallagher. A collection of articles on prayer in church and personal life. view/download (A4 pdf)
  • The New Way of the Spirit – written by Ed Gallagher. When Jesus died, everything changed.  view/download (A4 pdf)
  • Hands up, apostles – written by Ed Gallagher. A 6-page, full-colour article that answers the questions, “What is an apostle? Is apostleship something for our own time? Could it ever apply to me? What about full-time pastors—could they be apostles?” Describes the Bible basis, and gives practical recommendations applying in everyday life. We recommend this article for all church members, for pastors, and for people who have recently come to know Christ. view/download (A4 pdf)
  • Training disciples in everyday life – written by Ed Gallagher. A 4-page article that examines New Testament teaching about how to “make disciples”. view/download (A4 pdf)

Study Guides

  • Spirit Gifting – written by Ed Gallagher. A Bible study guide on how God empowers people for Christian service.  A full-colour guide, 27 pages, designed for group or individual study.  view/download (A4 pdf)
  • Serving Christ through groups – written by Ed Gallagher. A 12-page, full-colour, printed guide about establishing small groups for ministry and church growth. Suitable for group or individual study. view/download (A4 pdf)

LifeSpots on Prayer

… 20-second Bible teachings for everyday believers. LifeSpots are excellent for personal inspiration and for church bulletins & newsletters.

  • If my people pray – written by Ed Gallagher. read If my people Pray LifeSpots
  • In conversation with God – written by Ed Gallagher. Prayer is the way in which we include God in our conversation—mind with mind, spirit with Spirit, friend with friend—beats the ritualistic model every time! view/download (A4 pdf)
  • Praise power – written by Ed Gallagher. Praise: a devil-defying choice of attitude, an act of faith that connects with Heaven and changes everything—will you consider making it a big part of your life? view/download (A4 pdf)
  • Priesthood of prayer – written by Ed Gallagher. “He has made us priests”—it’s in the Bible—and a primary role for priests is to intercede for others—will you come into a priesthood of prayer? view/download (A4 pdf)