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Our whānau, however, they may look, have a purpose – to help each other to be strong and effective members of the Whānau of God. In a less than perfect world, our families should bring hope of life and a better future through Jesus Christ. As we journey together, our whānau should grow faith as they support each other to know and trust in Jesus. As our world becomes increasingly isolated, our families should live love that supports, enriches and nourishes each other. Whānau and Children’s ministries are all about helping our immediate family, extended family and our spiritual / church family to be all God created them to be. Everything has a single purpose; to be together with Jesus and each other for eternity in a world made new.

Adventist Resources

Our Church has developed many great resources for Family Ministry. The best place to get these resources is directly from the Family Ministry Department that has produced them. Please use the following links to find some great ideas and resources:

North Island – Family Ministries Coordinator


Dale Hokin

Family & Children’s Pastor. Pathfinders & Adventurers Director

South Island – Family Ministries Coordinator


Victor Kulakov

NZPUC - Discipleship Ministries Leader

Phone: 09 250 1770Website:

Edwina Davis

Discipleship Ministries / Departmental Assistant

Phone: 03 365 1020