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The primary method of communication from the Conference Children’s Ministries team to children leaders this year will be through email. This is the fastest and most effective way to get out information. If you have not given your email, please contact the Conference Office and pass it on.

Please also let us know if someone else is now Children’s Ministries Leader. Some churches do not send through changes in leadership positions and it would help in staying connected with local churches if you could send through this information.

Special Sabbaths

Global Children’s Day (March)
World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk (May)
Children’s Sabbath (July)


Our Church has developed many great resources for Children’s Ministry. The best place to get these resources is directly from the Children’s Ministry Department that has produced them. Please use the following links to find some great ideas and resources:

Other Ministries (highly recommended)

Sabbath School Bible Study Guides

North Island – Family Ministries Coordinator


Dale Hokin

Family & Children’s Pastor. Pathfinders & Adventurers Director


Valmarie Young

Administration Assistant for Healthy Adventist Churches / Membership Management

South Island – Family Ministries Coordinator


Victor Kulakov

NZPUC - Discipleship Ministries Leader

Phone: 09 250 1770Website: nzpuc.adventist.org.nz

Edwina Davis

Discipleship Ministries / Departmental Assistant

Phone: 03 365 1020