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Quarterly Reports

In the last month of each quarter the quarterly report forms will be either posted or emailed as requested to the church clerk. Quarterly reports need to be sent back to the conference within the first 5 days in the new quarter. You can either email or post the forms to the conference office.

Quarter Quarters date range Due date
1st 1 January to 31 March 5 April
2nd 1 April to 30 June 5 July
3rd 1 July to 30 September 5 October
4th 1 October to 31 December 5 January

It is imperative that the forms are returned to us within this period. Reports that are returned after the due date may not be included in the statistical reports until the following quarter.

Quarterly Report Instructions

While the Church Manual is the prime document for actioning membership, the following is a brief overview of categories that the Clerk may encounter. Each of these is initially actioned by either the member and/or the Church.

Baptism / Profession of Faith
Baptism or Profession of Faith slips must be completed by the Church Pastor and forwarded to the Conference. Ensure that the baptism or profession of faith is recorded on the Quarterly Report. The new member can only be added to the membership list if the baptism or profession of faith has been recorded in the Quarterly report

Receiving Members on Profession of Faith—There are four circumstances in which individuals who have accepted the Seventh-day Adventist message may be accepted into the local church by profession of faith:

  • A committed Christian coming from another Christian communion who has already been baptized by immersion as practiced by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. (See p. 30.) 
  • A member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church who, because of world conditions, is unable to secure a letter of transfer from his/her home church. (See p. 37.) 
  • A member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church whose request for membership transfer has received no response of any kind from the church where he/she is a member. In this case the assistance of the conference/mission/field shall be sought. In case the requesting church is located in another conference/mission/field, the assistance of both conferences/missions/fields should be sought. 
  • An individual who has been a member, but whose membership has been misplaced or has been withdrawn because he/she was a missing member, yet who in reality has remained faithful to his/her Christian commitment.

When a person applies for membership on profession of faith, earnest inquiries should be made concerning the applicant’s former experience. The church officers should seek the advice and help of the conference/mission/field president. Sufficient time should be taken to extend the investigation as far as needed to reveal all the facts.
(Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual pg. 41)

Missing list
This statistic is by far the most difficult to deal with. It is extremely difficult to stay on top of your membership, especially in larger churches. In cities, where there is a lot of movement between churches this can be an issue as sometimes it is assumed that members are attending another church when in fact they may have moved on entirely. For whatever reason, it is almost inevitable that there will come a time when you will find that you have names on your church role of people you no longer know the whereabouts of. To deal with this situation the church manual is very clear:

Members Moving Away and Not Reporting—When members move away from the vicinity, it is their duty to inform the church elder or clerk as to their new location and address. While they remain members of that church they should recognize their responsibility of reporting regularly to the church and sending in their tithes and offerings. It is desirable for such a report to be sent at least once each quarter. If, however, such a member leaves no address behind and makes no effort to reach the home church or send a report and it is found impossible to locate the missing member, then, after an absence of two years, an individual may be removed from the membership of the church by a vote of the church, provided the church officers can certify that they have faithfully endeavored to locate the person but without success. The clerk should record in the proper column, “Whereabouts unknown. Voted to designate as missing.”
(Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual pg. 198)

Transferring In/Out of a Church
The member’s name is taken to the Church Board and Church Members to approve the transfer In or Out. Both churches board and church has to approve the transfers before it is recorded in the Quarterly Reports. It is against policy transfer a member to another church without the other church being aware of the transfer. Contact the clerk or church’s pastor if you are unsure or to double check.

Transferring In/Out of a Church – Company
Transfers In or Out of members belonging to the Conference Roll, Company’s must be approved by the North New Zealand Conference Executive Committee or South New Zealand Conference Executive Committee. The clerk must seek approval from the Executive Committee to transfer or receive a member. A ‘Recommendation for Transfer of Church Membership’ Form or an email must be forwarded to the Conference who will then forward this information to the Executive for approval. Both Churches will be notified once the committee has accepted the transfer.

Removed from Membership
To remove a member from the churches membership, approval must come from either the member or/and the church board and members. Name removal cannot occur without this process.

Please note: In 2000 the General Conference Session voted to replace the term ‘disfellowshiped/apostasy’ to ‘removed from membership’.


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New Zealand Address & Postcode Finder
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