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LifeSpots are excellent for personal inspiration and for church bulletins & newsletters.
Written by Ed Gallager – john524goodnews.org


  • Is Christian faith viable? … It remains the largest community of faith worldwide, but sometimes it appears confused, weak, ill advised and persecuted … is Christianity still a reasonable choice? … A4 view–download
  • Seven blessings of Revelation … Seven incredible blessings spoken by Jesus in the Bible’s closing book—these will change your day, and perhaps your life … A4 view–download
  • Stand for something! … Four people in modern times who took a costly stand—prompted by their sense of duty and their faith in God … two women and two men who speak into our experience today … A4 view–download
  • Stories of rescue … Four dramas that illustrate God’s big drama for getting us rescued from our own natural fate … A4 view–download
  • The beginning … Uncertain about the end?—grab some answers from the beginning … A4 view–download


  • Connecting for Christ … You can have a significant influence for Christ right where you are, each day you live … A4 view–download
  • Heroes for us … Inspiration from twelve Christian heroes spanning the 17th to 20th centuries—some of whom you’ve probably never heard of … A4 view–download
  • Lead like Moses … An 80-year-old with an embarrassing résumé gets called to shape desperate slaves into a holy community—how does he do it? … photo series … A4 view–download
  • Leading from within … History and nature challenge our common view of influential leadership—are you ready for this? … photo series … A4 view–download
  • Living as a disciple … If you know yourself to be a sinner, you’re the one God is looking for to become a learner, a follower, and a listener … A4 view–download
  • Living as an apostle … How can we break this gently?—our traditional view of apostleship is not God’s view of it, according to the New Testament—so let’s discover God’s view … A4 view–download
  • Make it better … One solid look at the world can make us feel powerless to help—but for believers, there are four things we can do that will make a difference … A4 view–download
  • Share the news … No surprise: our modern view of what it means to be an evangelist doesn’t square with God’s perspective in the New Testament—so let’s consider God’s view … A4 view–download
  • Three steps with Jesus … Step one is to follow him—can you guess steps two and three?—these steps are not for specialists, but for all who choose to follow … photo series … A4 view–download


  • Bring back church! … Think Christian faith is on the wane?—think again—solid growth is happening, but only as we get back to original church … A4 view–download
  • Can we love? … How many commandments are there?—at least 11, since Jesus added a massive one—but is your church keeping the 11th commandment? … A4 view–download
  • Change and church … There was once a leader who brought “too much change, too fast,” and people were scared—that would be Jesus—how do you relate? … photo series … A4 view–download
  • Connecting … Disconnection, isolation—it’s the scourge of modern life—but a super opportunity for you and your church … A4 view–download
  • Five ways to help a church die … Sounds depressing, but it’s not! … recognize five dynamics that can kill a church off, but also see God’s encouraging solution … A4 view-download
  • Five ways to help a church live … Surrender it and rattleit—two of the five, to arouse your curiousity … blunt but encouraging directions from God’s Word that can get your church going … A4 view-download
  • Gift of pastors … The shepherd–pastor: despite efforts to demerit this concept, it remains the Bible’s dominant model—does your pastoral shepherd have your support? … A4 view–download
  • Healthy church … Leadership and love—two of five critical dynamics for church health and growth—check out the other three, and take advantage of our “precious and fruitful hour” … A4 view–download
  • Living church, dying world … The world is dying, but is the church living?—let’s reclaim Jesus’ commission, and his promise … A4 view–download
  • Praying church … Church growth Jesus’ way: get rid of the noisy majority, so the quiet minority can sneak in and find a place to pray—do you support this strategy? … photo series … A4 view–download
  • Sins of the church … Steady yourself for a challenge over four popular sins, pointedly described in the Word—we have some repenting to do! … A4 view–download
  • The power and the glory … No matter what your question, the answer lies in these words: “For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.”—A message for you personally, and for your church … A4 view–download


  • Bad things happen—but why? … An important series of 10 LifeSpots, looking loss and death squarely in the face … A4 view–download
  • Confronting anxiety … There’s reason to be anxious about the world, life, eternity and church—but even more reason not to be anxious! … A4 view–download
  • Counsel for crisis … Character is not discovered when things go well, but when things fall apart—see God’s counsel for that experience … photo series … A4 view–download
  • It’s going to be good! … Into our suffering, displacement and darkness comes healing, restoration and light—your present and future really can be a delight! … A4 view–download
  • Resolving anxiety … Anxiety is a sign of how wicked we are—now that’s settled, let’s lay our anxiety on the One who loves us, lifts us up, and carries our loads … photo series … A4 view–download
  • Sound of sheer silence … A prophet who lived nearly 3,000 years ago speaks to our troubling situations today!—see how, like Elijah, we can come to grips with fear and failure by listening in silence with God … A4 view–download
  • Stories of trust … Brother Yun, Calvin Fairbank, Susannah Spurgeon, Viktor Frankl, Armando Valladares—heard of them?—be inspired by their testimonies, and more … A4 view–download


  • Holy Spirit and you … So far, what’s your experience of the Holy Spirit? … if you’re uncertain, this is a must-read—open your life to new levels of intimacy, motion, power, true baptism, and holiness … A4 view–download
  • Power in the Spirit … Earth, wind, fire and water—take these away, and what’s left?—no wonder essential elements raise this question: Have I given the Spirit essential power in my life? … A4 view–download
  • Spirit gifting … The core word for “grace” and for “gifts” of the Spirit is the same—which means if you are under the grace of God, you’re 100% eligible for Spirit gifting, too! … photo series … A4 view–download
  • The Spirit and the gifts … Surprise: the New Testament nowhere tells us to discover our spiritual gifts—but it does tell us to learn about them, desire them, practice them, protect them … photo series … A4 view–download
  • Also … be sure to see the eBook for “Spirit Gifting … a Bible study guide on how God empowers people for Christian service”


  • A covenant in Christ … The everlasting covenant—God’s agreement, contract, commitment and guarantee that we’re safe in him forever—do you know it? … photo series … A4 view–download
  • Abide in Christ … How often we strive to abide in Christ, but striving is the opposite of his promise to abidein us!—will you accept and rest in his promise right now? … A4 view–download
  • In Christ … Dominant theme, transforming reality, astonishing privilege, profound truth, incredible presence—no shortage of superlatives. Is this sublime experience yours right now? … photo series … A4 view–download
  • It’s about life … How’s your life?—even in dark days, can you feel the sunshine? God can make your life brighter and more beautiful … A4 view–download
  • Path of humility … The last thing most of us in modern society want to follow is a path of humility, but take it from God—it’s the one true way for ultimate peace and success … A4 view–download
  • Pure victory … Impurity, selfishness and pride—three big sins, and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all of them—will you claim your victory? … A4 view–download


  • Four forgotten miracles … Two men robbed of communication, a servant with a slashed-off ear, a woman bent low for 18 years—insignificant people with significant affliction, healed by the Christ who lives today … A4 view–download
  • In conversation with God … Prayer is the way in which we include God in our conversation—mind with mind, spirit with Spirit, friend with friend—beats the ritualistic model every time! … A4 view–download
  • Praise power … Praise: a devil-defying choice of attitude, an act of faith that connects with Heaven and changes everything—will you consider making it a big part of your life? … A4 view–download
  • Priesthood of prayer … “He has made us priests”—it’s in the Bible—and a primary role for priests is to intercede for others—will you come into a priesthood of prayer? … A4 view–download
  • Also check out “If my people pray … 40 pointers & tips on prayer … for individual prayer + prayer together … pointed & brief … A4 view-download


  • Good news of judgment … Judgment is not the bad news we dread—it’s the good news we need! … six reasons why, straight from God’s Word … A4 view–download
  • I am coming soon … It’s a belief that might appear absurd in today’s world—but it’s truth that comes from Heaven … the return of Jesus Christ to Earth is real, believable, imminent and public … will you put faith in the ultimate solution? … A4 view-download
  • Minor prophets—major message … Judgment is there—but so is mercy, Messiah, trust and blessing … in these 12 short Bible books you’ll find plenty of challenge for your life—but more than enough hope to leave you confident and encouraged … A4 view-download
  • The return … It’s not Earth upgrade we can expect—it’s Earth restart—Jesus will return in your future, but has he arrived in your present? … A4 view–download
  • We will rise … The real you, the real me, will rise again—not so much to an “afterlife” as to the true life for which our present life is a preparation—let’s get set for it! … A4 view–download


  • Daily bread … “Give us this day our daily bread”—a chief request in a preeminent prayer—let’s follow our hunger to the table of the Lord … A4 view–download
  • How to love the Bible … This series of nine LifeSpots is for those who are new to the Bible—how and where to start, how to choose a version, what approach to take, how to make it real … A4 view-download
  • Live the Word … The Scriptures call for deep study, imagination, comparison, acceptance and action—see recommendations on how to make Bible study enjoyable and effective … A4 view–download
  • Powered by the Word … God’s Word is “the sword of the Spirit”—a chief weapon to defeat evil—see how it can give you the power you need … A4 view–download
  • The good word, now! … The Bible holds the exact prophetic message that our world needs … like the ancient prophets, will we risk our popularity to understand and share God’s headlines about the future of our society? … a series especially suitable for a new year … A4 view–download
  • The Word and the church … Churches often focus on programs, procedures, styles, policies—big mistake!—we thrive when we focus on “every word that proceeds from the mouth of God,” so let’s give top place to the Word … A4 view–download
  • And … be sure to see the eBooks page for Powerful texts of the Bible


  • Christ & culture—choice time … The internet and social media—potentially larger forces of change than almost any in history … there are choices we must make about security, truth, respect, privacy, focus, and love … A4 view-download
  • Decisions … Most things that happen to us in life come from our own options—but despite poor choices, we can select our destiny with Christ—see eight decisions that really count … A4 view–download
  • Family treasure … Family is a “little church” given in trust—find inspiration and encouragement in your family dynamics … A4 view–download
  • Four respectable sins … Indignation and accumulation—these are the first two—take a look and decide if these or the other two have any remote application to you—or perhaps to someone you know! … A4 view–download
  • Four truths about time … Time is Heaven’s gift placed daily at your door in 24-hour segments—you customize it, you determine its value. you develop its width and breadth … A4 view–download
  • Friendship treasure … Do you receive and give the gift of friendship?—friendship energizes hope, affirms faith, inspires courage, conveys wisdom, transmits joy—and it symbolizes our relationship with Christ—“I have called you friends” … A4 view–download
  • Gift of health … “I pray that you may enjoy good health”—that’s in the Bible—see how you can sign up for Heaven’s health plan … A4 view–download
  • God’s rest … The climax of Creation week is a shock—something significant in the air—have you experienced God’s finished work?—do you enjoy his family time? … A4 view–download
  • Humble yet? … “Proud humanity”—history in two words, a lifelong struggle for us all—understand the problem, and see your solution in Jesus … A4 view–download
  • Legacy … Just as important as the legacy you receive is the one you pass on—not only to family, but to all within your influence—see how God is your legacy forever … A4 view–download
  • Life on Earth … The world is on its way out, and we must come to grips with that—the good news is that Jesus has promised to come back and welcome us into new life in a new world—ready for that? … A4 view–download
  • Money talk … More than 2,000 verses in the Bible talk about money—our hearts frollow our treasure, so it’s a critical subject—see eight counsels that can help increase financial peace in your life … photo series … A4 view–download
  • Thriving on life … Christian belief can bring joy into your life—as long as it’s the genuine thing rather than religious ritual—eight counsels from God’s Word that can help your life become better than ever … A4 view–download
  • Vision for God … The farther we see, the farther we go—Scripture encouragement to look beyond your immediate situation and see the suffering God behind, over and in all things … A4 view–download